Friday 30 May 2014

New from ARK The Multifunctional One Person Craft The Dragonfly

Do you dream of a boat that you can use to run rivers in, float and fish with, explore waterways? A boat that could be used as a kick boat, a float tube, a rowing boat or a motor boat? Something that gives you an expedition grade raft that also provides you with freedom and speed and agility? A highly versatile, multi-functional one person craft? Where could you find such a boat? 

Dream no more ARK have just such a boat for you. Introducing the DRAGONFLY KICKBOAT DF285

The beauty of this boat is that you can have it out of the bag and into the water in minutes. It is the ultimate frameless, pure inflatable, hybrid kickboat that is simply deployed by inflating the tube. Both comfort and safety were given high priority in the design of this boat. The generous tube and chunky, inflatable floor/seat are the tubes that provide the space and buoyancy to carry the angler and all the extra equipment, without compromising stability and safety. The large tube also reduces the draft, allowing you to manoeuver into the shallowest of places and best of all - it keeps your backside dry!

This craft was designed to encompass performance, comfort, ruggedness and easy portage AND  to accommodate the needs of anglers. The Dragonfly is designed with an inflatable floor combined with an adjustable upholstered foam seat with a backrest  that will provide you with hours of comfortable angling and exploring.

This highly versatile, multi-functional one person craft is easily deployed by simply inflating the tube.

You can easily row or motor to your destination on large still-waters, pack the oars away, and use your fins for fine control, just like a float tube.

You can make use of the open floor design to fin the kickboat into position keeping your hands free for casting and landing fish. Another option would be to rest your feet and fins on the adjustable rest bar and use the oars to propel the kickboat to new fishing locations or across flowing waterways. Once you are in position in shallow water you can stand up and wade while the Dragonfly floats around you, and if you wish to hop to another pool, you can lift the kickboat off the water for easy portage with specially placed carry handles. 

The Dragonfly has been cleverly designed to cater for a range of requirements and has plenty of stowage space for anchors, drogues, fishing bags and a cooler box.

The Dragonfly also features backpack style straps that allow you to carry the inflated kickboat short distances, especially handy if you need to get to inaccessible places.

If you would like to see the specs for this versatile boat, then click here and you will go directly to our webpage on Dragonflies.

If you would like more information on the Dragonfly, or any of our other products, then send us an email at or call us +27 21 783 1672.  

Tuesday 6 May 2014

ARK Inflatables: New website - great changes - Have a look see!

At ARK Inflatables we’re so excited about our new website!!  It’s really easy to navigate and showcases what we’re all about.  

So what’s new?

  • A clean new look and feel with clear tabs taking you directly to each of our product lines
  • Ease of use, wherever you are on the website you can access our contact us, ask us to send you  a quote or go directly to the any of the product areas on the website
  • We now have Social Media buttons – use them to let others know about our great products – thanks!!
  • New Innovations – watch this space and we’ll keep you up to date with what we’re developing
  • Video clips – we feature some exciting video material showing some of our craft getting some serious action.
  • And of course the blog, where we’ll share the latest news, some practical advice and anything we feel will be of interest to you,

The new tabs on the website show how we have extended our product range which has attracted commercial, emergency and individual clients working or playing in diverse environments worldwide.

  • Inflatable boats – see at a glance what’s on offer
  • Retubes - For custom and turnkey tube/sponson manufacture.
  • Tents - ARK manufactures supplies and supports unique self-erecting, rapid deployment AirFrame Tents and shelters for emergency and disaster relief tents applications.
  • Lift bags - ARK's range of Para-shape Lift Bags (with over 20 years’ experience to back them up) are tried and tested under some of the most demanding conditions in the world
  • Fenders - Using our inflatable boat manufacturing expertise, ARK has designed a range of tough and durable commercial grade inflatable fender products. 
  • Custom builds - ARK's specialised rapid prototyping capability allows your specialised project to be designed, costed, digitized, developed and manufactured 
  • Accessories - see at a glance what’s on offer

So have a look and see why we’re so excited, and we’d love it if share this with your friends too!!