Saturday 9 August 2014

Farout fun with FISHALOT

The FISHALOT is yet another  exciting addition to ARK's fleet of inflatables. This watercraft has a variety of uses, from white water canoeing, to fishing or crayfishing, to yacht tendering to using as the family holiday inflatable….. what you use it for is up to you and the options are endless.
The FISHALOT is very buoyant.  It is a longer boat than the Fishduc and has a high performance tube shape, thereby satisfying the needs of those who want all the pros of the Fishduc's versatility but want a bigger boat.

The FISHALOT is now the most efficient boat around.  It easily cruises for two hours at a speed of 15 knots with 5hp motor and three litres of fuel AND it has space for 4 people.  It is designed to take up to a 10hp motor. The FISHALOT is highly recommended as a remote expedition boat as it is capable of travelling great distances on minimal fuel and still having space for loads up to 600kgs.

There are two model options, either with a wooden floor (Model FT420W) or an air floor (Model FT420A).

FISHALOT is fitted with an adjustable seating system so you can choose the most comfortable seating position for you. You can select to have either a wooden bench or inflatable cushions and backrests. When packed it's size is 110cm x 45cm x 45cm - definitely small enough to fly in to any exotic location. Many people choose the FISHALOT  for commercial applications such as search and rescue, patrolling and wildlife management. The FISHALOT has quickly become the boat of choice for  any remote river explorations.

The FISHALOTs standard features include:
  • Adjustable seating system and two seats
  • Double skin underside
  • 75 mm big mouth bailer and plug
  • Grab lines
  • 6 x Stainless steel heavy duty D rings
  • Transom rated to 10 hp, 45 kg engine
  • Dropthread Airfloor or Marine ply floorboards
  • Aluminium Transom plates
  • Carry handles for easy portage

Its flat profile allows it to glide easily over the water and the highly effective bailing system ensures you are ready for the next big wave always. Like all of ARK's craft, the FISHALOT is durable and built to withstand extreme conditions.

If you would like more information on the FISHALOT, or any of our other products, then send us an email at or call us +27 21 783 1672.